Matvey Ganapolsky: "From the Ukrainian presidential administration, was given command does not give Saakashvili to be successful"

Matvey Ganapolsky: "From the Ukrainian presidential administration, was given command does not give Saakashvili to be successful"


Pavel Manugevich: With us in touch Matvey Yurevich Ganapolsky. Hello

Matvey Ganapolsky: Hello.

Pavel Manugevich: How is your mood?

Matvey Ganapolsky: If we talk about the weather, here in Kiev, an unexpected warming. Up to 15 degrees Celsius. All crawled out and stand ofigevshie. Because 15 degrees - it is somehow unnatural and not very clear. In this sense, easy to get up, easy to breathe, easily felt. Well, bad mood, konechno.yu because of Saakashvili's resignation, which occurred just 3-4 hours ago. This is such sad news, symptomatic, talking not so much about Saakashvili, as the problems of Ukraine and the Ukrainian authorities about the device. It is known that the structure of authority in Ukraine is far from perfect.

Pavel Manugevich: Saakashvili accused Poroshenko that he supports corruption and corrupt sphere. You said that the last straw for the decision of Saakashvili to resign was the publication of electronic declarations. In fact, what has caused Saakashvili's decision to retire?

Matvey Ganapolsky: Basically what Saakashvili said, in some degree true. Only know about a person can say that he is ugly, but you can tell he freak. Here Saakashvili decided to say he freak. The fact that Saakashvili was invited to Ukraine Poroshenko personally. I must tell you their personal talks about the future of Saakashvili known. It was the beginning of his appearance. He was supposed to become prime minister instead Yatsenyuk. Indeed Poroshenko offered him such a scheme. He had to enter the Poroshenko bloc and become politically oriented figure. That is, to vote and to receive the support of the party and the executive. In other words, BPP, as a unit of Petro Poroshenko. He supports his structure. That is, people who are affiliated with the Poroshenko bloc, Poroshenko enter the unit and are located in Odessa. Here it is possible to guess the correct or wrong decision was made by Saakashvili. Seeing faces BPP-Schnick, he refused to enter into the structure of BPP. In a sense, this was his fatal step. Because it is from a political supporter of the team turned to the opponent. First, political, and later sense. I will explain later, that represents semantic. Speaking on the facts, he began his work in the Odessa region. There was a huge battle for customs, a giant battle for the plant, port plant, which is there. It was a huge battle with the mayor of Odessa, which is actually his personal enemy, and he put a spoke in the wheel, where it was possible. Then, when it comes to the facts, there was a very unpleasant thing. There is a psychological story, which is now a lot of talk. The government, in the presidential administration, had the thought that if he had not joined in that power, if he went on his way, it could become a threat in the upcoming presidential elections. Who knows what will climb into his head. He began to create a party, then the anti-corruption movement. Then it somehow died away, and then came back. Anyway, here is the "decayed" and "appeared" reflected the phase of its negotiations with the presidential administration. But it is clear that the team was given from the presidential administration, I say this sadly, does not give Saakashvili to be successful. Here it is very important to understand. Since it is a powerful and strong politician, followed by the two presidential term, he was impossible to give him something to do on Ukrainian soil. That's why I call it a special operation. In the last few days in Odessa was closed even a single point of maintenance of citizens who opened Saakashvili. Of course, it was a blow to him. Imagine, it was the center where you walk and five minutes to get any paper, any statement, any copy. It's a center of contact with the citizen of the state. I wrote in a comment online that this failure is not Saakashvili, this failure Poroshenko. You can cut the country, it is possible to divide the money, you can write the declaration, we can not write them. But either you decide to develop the country and if the country needs people like Saakashvili, and you're helping him in everything, and from the Odessa region are doing reforms landfill, that is practiced there are different models and has been used for the whole Ukraine. Either you put other priorities, namely its power, and then you behave differently, and what happens is what happens. That was what happened. It is important to note, why he did not want to enter the BPP. He did not want to enter the bloc Petr Poroshenko, because then people filled the famous declaration, and everyone understood who these people are there. It turns out that he lost tactically and strategically he won. Because it has nothing to do, it is in no one party does not breathe the same air, and do not vote with "these". That is, with these comrades, who filled in the billions, millions of dollars in return, which are stored in their home. Of course, it's bad. The question arises, what he will do next. Naturally, Moscow is already happy, holiday there. Tbilisi rejoice, there is a double celebration. Finally he slept, that piece of shit. Naturally, we will not give in to this evil mood. Now the question is, what will he do next? Then, apparently, he still will organize some political structure. Perhaps, on the background of all this, it will be the continuation of the social movement to combat corruption or any new party.


Pavel Manugevich: Last week in the press referred to your statement that you refuse to work in Ukraine, will be introduced if the quota for the use of the Ukrainian language in the airwaves.

Matvey Ganapolsky: In general, yes. What am I supposed to comment on here?

Pavel Manugevich: The press writes different. You said quite clearly. You can say a few words about the quotas? Who is trying to push through the law and for what?

Matvey Ganapolsky: There is a journalist Vitaly Portnikov that distorted my words. The fact is, I do not intend to leave the Ukrainian media space, if quota is taken. Now, if me someone would come and tell me how to conduct the air, that will then be adjusted. My work is not regulated by constitutional laws, and my specific agreement with a particular radio company. Every day they take some laws. Question - how it will help or hinder my specific job, the two projects that I do. Will interfere with, respectively, I can not do it. I will not interfere, I will continue. What about me write me on this sneeze. Do you know me. I have this whole thing is not read. I like a big ship, which for many years moving forward and doing his thing.

Pavel Manugevich But Ukrainian languages, right? I've heard your speeches. You have a very decent Ukrainian language.

Matvey Ganapolsky: He is not a decent and exemplary. I can learn.

Pavel Manugevich: Question on Skype. Matthew, tell me about censorship in Ukraine. Is there censorship in Ukraine today? Are you aware of what can be said and what can not be said? Or anything like it does not exist?

Matvey Ganapolsky: no censorship.

Pavel Manugevich: Another question to you. What do you think, what will be the actions Poroshenko after the resignation of Saakashvili? They were friends. Will somehow exemplary struggle between the president and former governor, we will see from the TV screen or read about it on the Internet?

Matvey Ganapolsky: None. I do not think there will be any drastic steps. There is an alternative. Or comment on it or make it appear that the said and said, asked to resign, please resign. He has already said that I will sign. So I do not think he got involved in the fight. The fact that this is disadvantageous. If he got involved in a fight, then he will have to specifically respond to the statement, which said Saakashvili. And that it would not be desirable. So I think he is now silent. That is, from the point of view of a resident is an official who has worked, made a statement, I do not want to work. In the words of Saakashvili there is nothing to respond to that Poroshenko. You see, there are two politicians Lyashko and Yulia Tymoshenko, who accused Poroshenko every day that he is a traitor, a criminal, and he should be crucified in the town square, against this background, that the Saakashvili said from Odessa - well said and said. Poroshenko will continue to perform their duties, to fight for the performance or nonperformance of the Minsk agreements, for to provide visa-free status, and so on. So I do not think there will be some kind of an answer. Fighting may occur, but it may occur when Saakashvili will make its structure. I think it will be right now to think about how to do it and what it should be.

Pavel Manugevich: We have a telephone call from Abraham. Good morning, Abraham.

Abraham: Hello. I look in a little history. Then I formulate the question. 1917. We overthrew the king. Workers, peasants. All. Freedom. On them replaced with a Soviet bureaucracy, which becomes the bourgeoisie took power, all the property stolen in the 90s. And that we are experiencing? Poroshenko - bourgeois, Saakashvili - bourgeois, Putin - bourgeois. Ordinary people, workers, peasants, employees, intellectuals who them was the good? They are stealing, and stealing. Please comment if you can. Bye.


Matvey Ganapolsky: You know, what you said is not possible to comment on. You, being in Canada in 2016, say the word "bourgeois", then, in my opinion, you're some kind of a Soviet citizen of the time. All those names which you have named - very different people. I can not answer your question because I do not understand the meaning of the word "bourgeois". If you mean a businessman, it is another story. If you are referring to the oligarch, it is a different story. Footy question. As you hit the emotions. You do not like anybody. So you ask such questions. The question must be clear to me that I can answer it.

Pavel Manugevich: Today, 7 November. Apparently, Abraham celebrates this holiday. Therefore, the terminology is responsible Soviet period. All the rich, the oligarchs, and so on. E. Become bourgeois. We still have a phone call from Irene. Irina, hello.

Irina: Hi. I would like to apologize for Abraham. He's lost in time and space. He got stuck somewhere in the revolution. November 7 - a little repetition. That I wanted to ask. Tell me please, whether it is your scenario situation is reminiscent of the Ukraine, which was once worked in the neighboring Republic of Moldova?

Matvey Ganapolsky: None. Not recalls. If I understand you correctly, you want to say that in Moldova there is Mr. Dodon. Such a funny surname. Remember, King Dodon in Pushkin, if I'm not mistaken. This is a president with such a name. He has his own strange looks at reality. He believes that the Russian Crimea, and so on. D. Nevertheless, he is the leader of a European state. Although he is very disabled. Because of Moldova - a parliamentary republic. Therefore Dodon is a nominal. He is not an ordinary person. He has his socialist views. However, he will win. Everyone says that it is the influence of Russia and Putin. I do not know about Moldova, but about Ukraine want to tell you that absolutely is not. Where Mr Putin is almost no influence. Here are all accomplishments and all the ugliness, the authors are their Ukrainian policy. Their patriotism or lack of patriotism. Their besserebnichestvo their greed. Their truthfulness or falsity. There is a saying "Everyone creator of his own misfortune." I do not know how Ukraine will tortuously go. But if it goes well, it did the Ukrainians. If it is bad, it is also made by Ukrainians.

Pavel Manugevich: Do you think the problem of Transnistria. Since the 90s it all runs. Do you think the east of Ukraine will go the way of Transnistria? DNR and LNR will also be there for 20 years? Or, for example, it will stop with the departure of Putin?

Matvey Ganapolsky: I think that the Crimea - a long time. A DNR and LNR with Putin's departure cease to exist. The fact that so many Donbass hung visyulek in the form of sanctions, it is just not profitable. They had to be either directly attached and do Donbass Federal District, and then the question would have been closed. Since it is not decided, it is now something like that. Yes, it can last 20 years, and 30, and 50. What will Putin is alive, so it will be. But the price is disproportionate. If Transnistria has nothing wrong with Russia, in addition to the image of the country, in fact, when it all began. She climbs everywhere and everywhere asserts itself. Then a difficult situation. Here, the price, firstly, it exists, and secondly, it is high. In the form of sanctions. If Putin is gone, and the new president does not want to with him the whole thing there, it just decides to give the Donbass. Because it is simply not cost-effective. They say that politicians have no friendship, there are interests. I'm not talking about the friendship between Ukraine and Russia. Of course, all of this, Putin's gamble will long hawk. But collectively it's just expensive. Come other policies, and, in my opinion, the situation will change.

Pavel Manugevich: We have a phone call from Alexander. Good morning.

Alexander: Good morning. Tell me, please, how the budget is formed by these republics DNR and LC? They do produce goods or receive grants, money from the Ukraine or Russia? How do they exist? Thank you.


Matvey Ganapolsky: I would like you to answer a common phrase, "Good heavens, what budget?". But your question is amusing, so purely informational, you can answer it. Of course, all these people who live there and guide all these Zakharchenko, carpentry, they certainly should be somewhere to get money. Money is mined in three ways. Pervoe- pays for everything Russian. For all. Russia pays for electricity, which is produced, pays for Russian gas, which is produced. Similarly, Russia is helping to Transnistria, Abkhazia, South Ossetia. For loyalty. Older people remember how we loved in Africa, Latin America, like friends and so on. While money does not run out, and this is not collapsed. Friendship over unexpectedly. The second source of income - it is contraband. Across the border cheap vodka here, there cheap cigarettes and so on. I want to tell you huge profits. That is, the state legalized crime. A third story - it is the relationship with Ukraine. Here, the money is coming for two reasons. The first reason - the miners, who mined coal in the mines. There is mined coal, which is necessary Ukrainian thermoelectric power stations and the steel industry. When everything was fine, mine was built under the coal. There is a billionaire Akhmetov. He belongs to all sorts of different ownership. There it mine. These mines are working, and they are transferred to a bank card money for coal. That is, coal is bought for the needs of Ukraine. On the card receive pensions and pensioners, but on the condition that they will come to Ukraine, execute all documents, present your passport, bank card. To avoid scams, here I am alive, I list the retirement on a bank card. Naturally, the bank card of the Ukrainian bank. They are paid a pension and all sorts of benefits.

Pavel Manugevich: These banks on the territory of the DNR and LNR are not working? That is, money is obtained in the territory not controlled by the separatists?

Matvey Ganapolsky: There are a couple of banks, a couple of ATMs. If you want to get the money, you can go to the area. There are shops, there are ATMs. You can get your pension, of course, in national currency. To go to the NPT and to do something there with these hryvnya. There they go, as the ruble.

Pavel Manugevich: Today it was reported that the ban is in effect Russian monetary system in Ukraine - a Yandex Money, Kiwi, etc. Allegedly, there are some difficulties for those who use these systems or is going to use them in the Ukraine. Regarding the money call from Oleg. Good morning.

Oleg: Good morning. The question is. Of course, it is surprising, as the Ukrainian government made the declaration. It is a bold move. But there is a different situation - how to do this. I want to know your opinion. If, for example, these people declare their income, they have a base there, but to make an honest way. With regard to earnings sverhchestnogo way, they have to transfer to the state's economy. We need to have someone watching over this. Do you think this will help?

Matvey Ganapolsky: You have asked a very difficult question, which is, in fact, are now all engaged. That is, we know the truth. Many, for example, half a million, and they declared a million, to invest half a million to corrupt components, corrupt money they earn for this year. Indeed the question arises, how to check it?

Pavel Manugevich: Abraham returned to us.

Abraham: I just want to add. Today, on 7 November. I do not know how it happened in Ukraine. In Russia, it was so. It Was Soviet democracy, which is the so-called Soviet bourgeoisie. Putin was a member. These comrades nomenclature, all these communists have privatized everything, took all the means of production into their private pockets. What are they business? Businessman - this is from scratch. Those who came to Siberia, bought an oil rig, paid, got the oil. This businessman. In Russia, all businessmen, the oligarchs, bourgeois. Because there was a bourgeois revolution.

Manugevich Pavel: Thank you, Abraham. All clear. Abraham explained what he considers the bourgeoisie. He believes bourgeois oligarchs who stole the money from the state.

Matvey Ganapolsky: Yes, I heard. In general, I explained that the difficulty level and therein lies. Now what's this huge amount of returns, they must be doing something. In any case, the government announced that it will test. They came up with the so-called risk zone. The biggest amount is necessary, of course, to check. While I understand that people are well prepared. When asked where they got billions, they will give the answer. We will see. This is not a simple situation. Given that she is the first time, then see what happens. I have no answer. The Ukrainian authorities do not have the answer. Indeed, this situation has arisen absolutely udivivtelnym way. Is there a risk of washing? Of course, there is. Because you showed, in fact your declaration may be zero, in the sense that it will be accepted.


Pavel Manugevich: By the way, is not so rare on Ukraine writes "The New York Times" and other English-language publication in America. These declarations Ukraine has returned to the headlines. Journalists wrote about electronic declarations. Opinions were different. We have a phone call from Sergey. Sergey, good morning.

Sergey: Hi. This prehistory. You know the story about the blind girl? Who said that she did not report that relatives eat more. One day they decided to feed her so that she did not complain. She ate and ate and already just could no longer. Then I said, imagine how much they put themselves in this time. The situation with the declarations can turn in the direction of Yanukovych. If members of Parliament gathered today, how many members of the Party of Regions gained and Yanukovych unknown for two years. They still did not find. Thank you.

Matvey Ganapolsky: Let's do this. I'm on the channel News One. Quite by accident or by chance in guest room became a famous person, who knows well the audience. This Sergei Leshchenko. Sergey Leshchenko - a bright person in the Verkhovna Rada. Anyway, all the high-profile anti-corruption statements, shaking the papers, speeches from high tribunes - is Sergei Leshchenko. In fact, such a person in the parliament of steam. But Sergei Leshchenko most prominent of them. Good morning, Sergei. This Russian-language Canadian radio Vera. Presenter Paul. If possible, please answer a few questions on the situation. Paul set 2-3 short questions. Sergei - deputy of the Verkhovna Rada. All these declarations here, corruption issues, they pass through his attention. What interests you, ask him.

Pavel Manugevich: Sergey Leshchenko - it's a surprise. Name Sergei Leshchenko and known far beyond the borders of Ukraine. Hello, Sergey. You have long believed a fighter against corruption. Then the view has changed. So whether you yourself have said, it is the press that you have a flat there, and on this occasion you began to torment. Your enemies, about whom you have written before, rejoiced. Not all are clean, and there Leshchenko corruption component. Sergey, how things work with electronic declarations. In this regard, a lot of questions. Known this joke that Ukrainian MPs can finance the IMF. You have already as a deputy for over a year. As things stand today, with the corruption of the journalist point of view, which is already Verkhovna Rada deputy? Corruption flourishes and, thanks to these electronic declarations, it is becoming less and less?

Sergey Leshchenko: Electronic Declaration - is part of a larger process. This process includes the establishment of an independent anti-corruption bureau, which must investigate the actions of senior cabinet minister and so on. Incidentally, this Office conducted an audit of all my purchases and no corruption in any components did not reveal, revealed no illicit enrichment, any violations of the law. With specific regard to your question via e-declaration, it should take several more months. Tens of thousands of officials have filed such declarations. They should be studied by relevant organs, should be compared to income, assets and real earnings. Of course, striking a large amount of cache zagashnikah bureaucrats. I am afraid that it is not a sign of attempts to legalize acquisitions or the proceeds of corruption. Through this form of declaration. But we will need to confirm every hryvnia their income or statements, or tax records, or deposits, etc.


Pavel Manugevich: Sergei, what do you think, what should be your actions, action anti-corruption structures that have to do with the deputies, who in politics and business were not, they did not have factories, but they have a fortune. They need to pick up the money for the benefit of the budget? How do you think?

Sergey Leshchenko: It's, well, narrow-minded approach. We have a law that requires the investigation of criminal cases. The criminal cases are excited if there are signs of inconsistency income standard of living. This article is called illicit enrichment. There and sanctions, including confiscation. Engage in the midst of a guessing what to do lightly. If there is the offense that is the sanction under the Code.

Pavel Manugevich: Sergei, I would like to hear your opinion about Saakashvili's resignation. They say he's sent to Kiev. How do you see its future? Will it be a serious politician in Ukraine?

Sergey Leshchenko: He is one of the most popular politicians in Ukraine. I think his future lies with the union of the different anti-corruption reform and associations in the stronger party, which could become a serious competitor in the elections to the existing corruption. Of course, this is obvious, and he has repeatedly talked about it, because his mission - is to open doors in Ukrainian politics for a new, younger generation.

Pavel Manugevich: Do you think that Saakashvili has been a successful governor of the Odessa region, or, shall we say, not at all?

Sergey Leshchenko: The question is not whether he was successful. He had resisted the system and the system attempts to discredit him in this position. Many things that he tried to implement, and could not do. He had competitors. This happened after he refused to lead the unit Poroshenko elections whenever they are held: urgent or early.

Pavel Manugevich: Sergei, I want to thank you for participating in the program. I understand that this impromptu. I would like, if you will have the opportunity to communicate with you in the future. Thank you very much. I've been watching the Sergei Leshchenko creativity. Matthew, you certainly come to transfer many of these guests?

Matvey Ganapolsky: This is a news channel. There can be up to 15 guests per day. And what a long question you asked at the beginning of it?

Pavel Manugevich: We were talking about electronic declarations. Matthew, what topics the main, we have not discussed with you, but that would be condemned today in Kiev?

Matvey Ganapolsky: The central theme will be the resignation of Saakashvili. This is the main event. The second event - a regular turnover. If I may say so. That is the work of the Verkhovna Rada and any concomitant. The third theme - the US presidential election. Three worthy topic. I think we can talk about them.

Pavel Manugevich: Matvey, thank you.

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