Nikolay Elizarov: "When doing traditional medicine, pulse diagnosis is needed"

Nikolay Elizarov: "When doing traditional medicine, pulse diagnosis is needed"


Alexandra Gerson: Our guest is Dr. Nikolay Elizarov. Kohl, hello.

Nikolay Elizarov: Good morning.

Alexandra Gerson: We have a phone call.

Vitaly: Hello. I have a question. You probably heard advertisements about water filters, "Kang". They are from five thousand or less. The advertisement said that the chemical component of these filters is very important and useful for health. What do you think about it? Thank you.

Nikolay Elizarov: Thanks for the question. I'm not an expert. But I will try to answer. I can talk about a review of patients and the information I otkapal the Internet on this subject. For the skin, the skin is alkaline water is beneficial. Those who have skin diseases are usually obtained improvement, reducing its ph. How it works, I can not say. Also, I can not say anything about those applications, which states that it can improve health in varying degrees. It is difficult to speak. A little has been reported that due to the reduced ph can lower cholesterol. But this information is unconfirmed. So you can not rely much on it. The main problem in the treatment of internal diseases kidney type, heart, blood vessels - is not so much the adoption of alkaline water, as the maintenance of an alkaline blood levels in certain numbers. That is, this is alkaline water exhibits its properties for 2-3 days. This means that the installation should work for you constantly. It costs four to five thousand. There are other cheaper installation. But is not the point. The idea is that you should always use only the water. I'm not trying to criticize. I'm thinking out loud. In our body, the blood volume of 5-6 liters. On the day we use about a liter of water, including soups, teas, etc. That is, to lower the ph of your blood to a certain level, you need to drink enough plenty of water during the day and very long. Then maybe it will work.


Pavel Manugevich: Is it true that you need to drink two liters of water a day. Or, this information is already outdated?

Nikolay Elizarov: I heard about a liter.

Pavel Manugevich: Apparently, we have in mind, along with vegetables, fruit.

Nikolay Elizarov: I would say that it depends on the state of health of any problems.

Pavel Manugevich: Concerning pure water. Here in Vancouver drinking water that we drink is the purest in the world. Our listener writes that we do not need to buy filters. Our water purity won at various competitions.

Nikolay Elizarov: The only thing that the water that is fed to us through the tap, chlorinated. It should be boiled or allow it to settle.

Pavel Manugevich: I went to the site of the Vancouver City Council. It says that in Canada is by no means impossible to heat the water.

Nikolay Elizarov: I agree that it is not necessary to boil. Because the amount of bleach is not the maximum. It is optimal. But this is still advisable not to drink.

Pavel Manugevich: It does not feel like in other countries. For example, in Ukraine or Russia.

Nikolay Elizarov: Of course. To defend it is necessary in any case. Drink from the tap is not necessary.

Alexandra Gerson: I think that defend drinks much tastier than just cooked. Or not?

Nikolay Elizarov: Aged. They enjoy more.

Alexandra Gerson: Aged: brandy, wine. Dr. Elizarov knows a lot about life. Nick, I want you to take away a bit from the topic. As my good friend, I like specifics. At the beginning of our transmission sounded the song. Made an impression on you this musical entry?


Nikolay Elizarov: Certainly. I have the impression that the text was written by physician.

Alexandra Gerson: I think so too. I do not know, Simon Slepakov doctor or not. By the way, 22 November, we held a demonstration in Vancouver film in Russian. "Collector" is called. It will be in the most stylish, fashionable, Vancouver theater. Before the film, the magazine as it should. Even on the eve of the film feast, buffet. The picture is very interesting. I have a suggestion. Those who call for our conversation with Dr. Elizarov and ask an interesting question, will be able to get into the movies for free. Starring Konstantin Khabensky. We also starring Dr. Nikolay Elizarov. Nick, you often tell about a very interesting patients. Naturally, without naming names and surnames. I ask you, how much comes of Russian or other, probably already interested. I think 50 to 50 today, huh?

Nikolay Elizarov: Slightly changed. I came from vacation and was surprised. I think due to the Internet, where you can order. It used to be more people in China. Who is the girl from Afghanistan, two from China, Arab. English-speaking. Multinationality. It would be interesting to see how we work.

Alexandra Gerson: Nick, tell me when you come to the patients or Asians from India, or from Muslim countries, they are trying to get to different specialists?

Nikolay Elizarov: Those about whom I said, come to me.

Alexandra Gerson: It is interesting. It seemed to me that the Chinese go to the doctor Chinese, Russian-speaking - to the Russian.

Nikolay Elizarov: None. I have already spoken about this before. I say again. Now I am more and more convinced of this. No matter what country people came. It is important to how well he speaks English, and how many years he lived here. Here's a guy Chinese. His English was not very good. He obviously was not born here. He is a programmer. She sprained ankle. But I come to me.

Pavel Manugevich: He apparently looked online comments and reviews about you.

Nikolay Elizarov: Yes. I think that there is a great role played computer.

Alexandra Gerson: Nick, tell me, they say that the best radio - it is word of mouth?

Nikolay Elizarov: Who is the Internet.

Alexandra Gerson: Is interrupted Internet word of mouth?

Nikolay Elizarov: Looks. Internet is becoming more and more powerful.

Pavel Manugevich: By the way, if we are talking about the Internet. Dr. Elizarova have a website. You can go there and make an appointment. Also, do not forget that you can call the clinic. They work every day from 8 to 19. On Saturday from 9.30 am to 15. Phone 6042733334 - clinic Nikolay Elizarov. We continue. Tamara says: "Hello. With gratitude I notice that music to the radio with the onset of autumn has improved markedly. Thank you very much".


Gerson Alexandra: And thank you. Very pleased to hear. A phone call to the doctor Elizarova. Good morning. What is your name?

Pavel Manugevich: This is Ivan.

Ivan: Hello. I wanted to ask Dr. Elizarova not for himself. Maybe your doctors heard or did it happen in your practice. Daughter employee my wife fainted. Doctors can not find the cause. The study included the heart, the head, the digestive tract. After the last faint woke up 20 minutes later and not remember her name. They live in a different country. I said, let them understand. But it is very disturbing to hear all these news. Perhaps you have met such a situation and tell me in which direction should be screened?

Pavel Manugevich: What the experts say?

Ivan: They can not find the cause.

Nikolay Elizarov: I can only dream about it. Because there is no information on the patient, not by doctors. Such patients to swoon for 20 minutes, I did not. Most patients complain of dizziness and a brief loss of consciousness. Most often this is due to the occipital region. Upper neck department. Where supported by the neck to the skull. There are vessels that carry blood to the brain. Take a picture. And there is what is called in the shadows, hiding in the shadows of the skull pathology. That is, there is an abnormal location of the arteries. Sometimes abnormal development of the vertebrae, which are squeezed. The meaning of the following. Due to the compression of the arterial blood circulation in the brain. Or blood supply to the brain. Here it can cause similar problems. But it is my assumptions. I would like to add. When I arrived, I could not answer the question Valentina from Seattle. I called back to him, but he did not answer. If Valentin listens to me, and he needs my help, I am ready to answer him by phone 6042733334.

Pavel Manugevich: Roman asks what can be said about the diagnosis Nikolai Chinese doctors on the pulse.

Nikolay Elizarov: We have a doctor who is engaged in pulse diagnosis. What can I say? When doing traditional medicine, pulse diagnosis is needed. Rather, you need at least some diagnostics. When we were working in Russia, we are not owned by the pulse diagnosis. My friend and I. We used computer diagnostics. Traditional diagnosis - it's still a pulse. Yes, it is needed. Is it informative, it depends on the professionalism of the doctor.

Pavel Manugevich: You said that you recently visited by Asians. What are they complaining about?

Nikolay Elizarov: They browsing Google Review and see similar symptoms or illnesses that have already been. In women, the typical female problems. Shoulders, neck, upper neck department. Somehow these women suffer more often than men.


Pavel Manugevich: I understand that women come more often? Bring your children, husbands?

Nikolay Elizarov: Different happens. For example, it is interesting. Somehow some seasonality. That men go with back pain, the women went to the necks and shoulders. And here is an interesting case. My husband sent his wife. She did not want to go. She suffered a year. She had pain in the knee. He insisted. My thanks to the spouse. On this occasion, like a little stop. And this case, and a similar one. With the knee was not so neglected. But nonetheless. She felt pain in his knee during the year. I hoped that it will be. It turned out that did not pass. She handled his knee, and there was a sharp deterioration. With that she came. Today it is no longer engaged in sports and physical activity, which she likes. We will deal with this problem. The other girl's work has been associated with the work of his hands. She handled her fingers and forearm muscles. Condition worsens, then improved. This went on for five years. When she arrived, excuse me, the people can be so patient people, is already pinched nerve.

Pavel Manugevich: We have a phone call. Good morning.

Michael: I have a question for Dr. Elizarov. Tell me, doctor, my opinion. Now, there are massage chairs and massage beds. Man lies and these rollers run along the spine, stretch, there is something click. Heated and so on. They do not always relate to the functions of traditional medicine. Typically, they are produced in Korea, with special jade stone, which keep the temperature well. What is your opinion about this? How effective is it? Or on the contrary there are some negative aspects to such an independent medicine? Do people often can I use them? Are there any side effects or positive?

Nikolay Elizarov: The positive effect of the fact that you can lie on the bed and having fun. But I would not consider it from the point of view of treatment, and more in terms of entertainment. Why? The answer is quite simple. Diagnostics. If you have a sore back the whole, then, for God's sake, go to bed and let you little pomnetsya. But again, the entire success of the treatment depends on whether treatment is aimed directly at the cause of your illness. If you have a sore shoulder, then this treatment should be directed to the shoulder. In this case, the bed no matter where you hurt, and it hurts. It will be massaging everything.

Pavel Manugevich: By the way, massage chairs. They are also not very effective?

Nikolay Elizarov: Everything is the same.

Pavel Manugevich: That is the effect of massage chairs have not?


Nikolay Elizarov: I have already said, it is in terms of entertainment or pleasure. But I have already said that the more accurate the diagnosis, the better the result.

Pavel Manugevich: Now we have Alexander. Good morning.

Alexandra: Good morning. I'm not on the ticket. Tickets are not necessary to me. I would like to speak with Dr. Elizarov. Nicholas, I was with you in October. Do you remember?

Nikolay Elizarov: Yes. Of course.

Alexander: I have two pieces of news. One nice. The second - is good too. First. It is much easier to become walk. After a massage, my knee got better. I was impressed. I attribute this to conduct the massage you. Other. Thank you very much. I definitely will still call you.

Pavel Manugevich: Dr. Elizarov a magician.

Nikolay Elizarov: Thank you, Alexander.

Pavel Manugevich: We connected Natasha. Good morning.

Natalia: Hi. My question to the doctor. In humans, cancer. It began with cancer of the prostate, and then went up. But if just a simple massager home promassazhirovat back, man on a period of time is better, easier. I have a question. Is it possible in this case to do massages? Cancer went to the area of ​​the coccyx, lower back.

Nikolay Elizarov: Usually it is not recommended to make any impact. I'm sorry, but it is better not to touch. All that is recommended is to take injections. I've had patients with cancer. But diagnoses have not yet been confirmed. I tried to treat them with needles. Do not remove the pain, and treated for pain. Usually occurs following. The pain passed, and then came back again. There are two problems. One problem - if a human cancer patient backache or back hurts from what you are overtrained back. Here you can treat, massage. Solve this problem. Other - if there is metastasis and pain from them. The more you massaging, the more speed up the process.

Pavel Manugevich: Question on Skype from Roman. What is the difference between the applicator Kuznetsova and applicators?


Nikolay Elizarov: Do not know. I do not see the difference.

Pavel Manugevich: That is, they are the same?

Nikolay Elizarov: Honestly, I have not kept in the hands of none of them. And all that I know about the applicators. The first time I was holding the applicator in 1987 or in 1985. It was in Cheboksary. The guys have done a little differently. I liked their idea. There was a rubber gasket, metal needles. They were interconnected. It was claimed that all these needles form a single field. What do they align biopotentials and so on. N. But this is all speculation, unconfirmed by any clinical trials. In my opinion, it all works on the level of mustard plasters. That is painful irritation of the skin receptors, temporarily dulling the pain. Do not do anything.

Pavel Manugevich: Roman asks again. Can I use the applicator Kuznetsova all people? And how often you can use it?

Nikolay Elizarov: You can use anyone who wants to. How often to take? How many who would like to. The only complication that I have seen from the frequent use of applicator - it actinic skin. By needle is damaged skin. Continuous, long-term damage leads to a slight keratinization. But it passes quickly if stop using this applicator.

Pavel Manugevich: Tamara asks whether it is possible to facilitate disease meniscus knee?

Nikolay Elizarov: Can. But you need to understand. Walk Do you have a split-off, "the mouse syndrome", as they say, exists or does not exist. If walking "mouse", that is, the joint jammed, then needed surgery in the knee joint. In another piece of chipped it will not pull out. All the problems in the knees - ligament or meniscus. The most common problem in the knee flexors. This is the back group of muscles above the knee, below the knee. It is necessary to treat. Meniscus - is one of the last stages of knee disease.

Pavel Manugevich: Nikolai, and have any goods or products offered by the clinic Nikolay Elizarov?

Nikolay Elizarov: no applicator. But we got a belt that supports the stomach. Those patients whom I recommended to wear a belt, can buy them in our clinic. Finally, I got them. Price $ 30. It is not expensive. I have already said, and patients say it on the radio - I do not believe in favor of zones that are more than $ 100 or $ 70. There may also be higher. Rather such a high price for these zones. Accordingly, many different opinions about these zones. Many doctors will tell their patients that they do not wear the belt for back pain because if you wear, the muscles atrophy. We are most likely talking about those expensive belts with metal, with plastic. They, like corsets, fetters back. Those belts that we offer - it is elastic fabric with Velcro. It is fitted by around the abdomen and stomach just draws your back. That is the whole purpose of the board, I give - is to hold the abdominal wall to keep it from falling out. When she falls, back pain becomes severe.


Pavel Manugevich: We still have a phone call. Good morning.

Vitaly: Good morning. Doctor, I, too, his dress, it helps burn extra fat. But it may be much easier to do exercises? For example, push-ups. As they say, it strengthens the muscles of the real way. We are not pregnant. I'm talking about men. Women - is another matter. Thank you.

Nikolay Elizarov: Vitali is definitely the best - to do the exercises. I'm more talking about those patients who strongly back hurts or if they are overweight. They are not able to keep his abdominal wall. When back pain, the belly is always relaxing, people want to pull back. Those belts, we offer a little change the situation. Once we have treated her, or as soon as you began to feel better, or at the same time with these zones, you will definitely need to do exercises to strengthen your abdominal wall. Belts - it's only a temporary solution.

Gerson Alexandra: Thanks for the info. Goodbye.

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