Roman Kartcev: "I - the old Odessa. I shall never renounced. Now I consider myself from Odessa »

Roman Kartcev: "I - the old Odessa. I shall never renounced. Now I consider myself from Odessa »


Alexandra Gerson: Today, I have a happy opportunity to say hello to the great actor Roman Kartsev. Roman Andreyevich, hello.

Roman Kartcev: Hello everyone.

Alexandra Gerson: We are very pleased that you have in the air, and the fact that you've found these magical minute with us to chat. You said that on the spot will be only 2-3 days. On the site - is in Moscow?

Roman Kartcev: Yes.

Alexandra Gerson: Tell me, Roman, I can refer to you by name?

Roman Kartcev: Of course. I mean, it would seem, we recently celebrated the 100th anniversary of the birth of Arkady Raikin. Konstantin Raikin and we did a great concert in Leningrad, dedicated Arkadiy. And now it passed 5 years. Thank God that even though you remembered. Of course, I called here from the newspaper, television. They asked if I could say a few words about Raikin. I told them that we can not speak about Raikin few words. What few words ?! On it is necessary to speak at length and in detail.

Alexandra Gerson: You just said, "Thank God you've ever remembered." I want to tell you that we are remembered not by chance. But the courage to dial your phone number and ask you about it - it's not easy. After all, you do not know in advance what will be the reaction, do not want to disappoint you in the first place, and not very upset. It was very nice what you said: "Yes." I want to ask you. For all of us Arkadiy - great Raikin. For you - a close friend, a colleague, and probably someone else.

Roman Kartcev: he was the father. He took us from the street. Without education. I was 22 years old when he invited me to the theater. Then I called Vitya Ilchenko, Misha Zhvanetskogo, Carnation. There were four of Odessa Theater of Arkady Raikin. It is, of course, risky, but not very much. We risked more. We have left the city, you quit your job. Of course, no one thought that we can get in this academy of humor to this great man. Caught and thank God. Next to him we worked 7.5 years.


Alexandra Gerson: Yesterday I was trying to pick up the material, where you and Arkadiy, I found the thing that is called "And you."

Roman Kartcev: You know, this thing is random. Because Victor Ilchenko was ill, and I was playing in his stead. Generally this miniature we did with Victor. Then I left the tetra, then returned. The whole story. When I left, Arkadiy began to play with Victor. But the one thing about which you speak, which was shown on television, it's Victor fell ill, and I had to play this thing Raikin. Although Victor there was irreplaceable.

Gerson Alexandra: You know why I thought about it, Roman? In fact, I have chosen for today ester another thing. It's called "Sigismund". But then she changed her mind. I closed my eyes and listened. When there Arkadiy says, you first a lot of silence. But you so eloquently silent and with a facial expression that I wanted to hear today is the people.

Roman Kartcev: Yes, I imitated Ilchenko mimicry. But he said nothing, better than him no one could not remain silent. Victor in this regard was a genius. We worked with him for 30 years. Unfortunately, I have 25 years of work alone. While still playing. But the play where I want. Not where they sent, and where I want. I just returned the day before from Astana. It is the capital of Kazakhstan. I worked there. Two days later, I am leaving to the Baltic States, Riga and Vilnius. In mid-November, the food in Israel. So I am now a little ride.

Alexandra Gerson: Roman, you just said, I play where I want. You live long enough in Moscow for many years?

Roman Kartcev: Yes. 35 years.

Gerson Alexandra: That's Odessa manner of speaking - play where I want.

Roman Kartcev: I - the old Odessa. I shall never renounced. Now I consider myself from Odessa. Very worried about what is happening there. In September, I was there for two weeks. In Odessa well. Full beaches full of people, restaurants clogged. It was impossible to take the beds, so it was full of people. Of course, there is something going on. Some things. I do not interfere in it. I come, I have an apartment there. I gave it to the city. Come on, I'll tell you. Let's talk about Raikin.

Gerson Alexandra: Let's talk.

Denis Manzar: Good afternoon, Roman Andreyevich. You just said that about Raikin is not to say only a few words. This is true. Because it's a great artist. And still. You are lucky enough to work with him, to be familiar with it. Could you tell us how Raikin was in life?


Roman Kartcev: I can say, but in my life I knew him less. Because it was the scene, it was the theater. Of course, we knew his family. They knew little Kostya Raikin. We knew his sister. His wife also worked in the theater. About some purely domestic things to say is very difficult. One time we had dinner. Once I invited him to my mother for lunch when we were on tour in Odessa. I thought he would not go, but he went. And with pleasure. Can you imagine what my mother there at the ready. Since the stuffed fish, mincemeat and so on, all cooked Jewish food. I had a date with a girl, and I left. Arkadiy remained. Then my mother told me that he felt bad. He was eating, she sat and wept. It was a regime. His wife watched his diet. And then a table. Of course, he allowed himself to all. One time after the show, he invited us to dinner. Misha were Zhvanetskiy, Victor Ilchenko. We came. Rose Markovna all prepared. On the table was grated beetroot, grated carrots, cottage cheese with raisins. In general, all of the lung. We ate. We talked about something. We say thank you and left. Misha Zhvanetskiy the most important we have for food, with the cry: "Hurry, the train station!". Leningradsky Railway Station was opened up to two or three o'clock in the morning. There was a very good kitchen. We rushed to the station and ate there. But this detail. We are more interested in creativity. And it, too. With regard to life, food ... It really behind us. We were strong three. We had our own theater. Misha Zhvanetskiy wrote then, like a machine gun. He wrote five things a day. And Arkadiy felt it. There was a big success as we demonstrated our first miniature "And you." We played it in Hungary in the Hungarian language, and it was a great success. All my life I Arkadiy grateful for the fact that he took us. It was high theater actors culture. God forbid, to alcohol or garlic smell from you. Such a person is immediately fired. The theater was modal, strict. As for art, creativity. He saw that we work with. We went with him to the "left" concerts. Do you know what "left" concerts?

Alexandra Gerson: Tell.

Roman Kartcev: It's like that now corporate parties. It is now corporate, and was then "left" concert. He was outside the theater. He called us to Odessa. Basically, when we were on vacation. He said: "Guys, departing tomorrow in Donetsk." Or in Baku or elsewhere. And we flew. We already had a repertoire. He had a chance to rest on a very good level. He worked for two compartments. These concerts are called left. Sometimes we found ourselves close to him. We were given a house, for example, the Party Central Committee, for example, in Baku. And we can see how he drank fifty grams of cognac after the concert. We played with them in the pool. He was very different. What can I say! Great person. I needed a residence permit in Leningrad. He put me in his car and drove to where prescribed. He helped us. Then Misha Zhvanetskiy got an apartment. One-room, far away, but it was. I was not yet married, got a room in a two room apartment. These are the everyday things he did. But the most important thing was to work for him. Watch for him has always been fine. When a person plays a 2-3 year program, and every day you look, and I stood and watched from start to finish all his performances, I have seen how changing some things, like changing its interpretation. This is great. He did not teach anyone, ever. It does not teach. It's all from the father and mother. And by god. Watch it, watch as it happens, to rehearse it was fine with him. He was not allowed to see him rehearsing monologues. You know, a monologue - is an intimate thing. When he would not let me, I hid in a corner and watched him rehearsing monologues. I will never forget.


Alexandra Gerson: Roman Andreyevich, we have a phone call. Question to you from the listener. Hello. We listen to you.

Abraham: Good morning. Hello, Roman Andreyevich. Thank you very much, that you tell us everything. I have a question. Arkady Isaakovich was at war. He told you about how his concerts were held during the war, before the war? Some such moments, episodes. Be healthy. All the best.

Roman Kartcev: Thank you. He told how he during the war went to the theater with a concert. He was on the Malaya Zemlya, and met with Brezhnev. They fraternized during the war, had a drink. He spoke very warmly about it. Years later, when he wanted to move the theater to Moscow from St. Petersburg, he could not get through to Brezhnev. We have to Victor, after leaving the theater, moved to Moscow. A Arkadiy still could not. Once he told me how he picked up the phone, I called Brezhnev and hit him. He asked Leonid Ilyich, can we come to see him. That said, tomorrow. He told us how he came to him and said, this is the work I want to move to Moscow. Here I have children and grandchildren. My whole family lives in Moscow, and I was in Leningrad. When it Brezhnev called someone on the phone and said that now people come, Arkady Raikin, and you do everything he says. And it was decided. That's how it was.

Alexandra Gerson: Roman A. You said that helped Arkadiy your friends and colleagues. Tell me, but if someone, whom he helped to forget about it, I do not mean you or Michael Zhvanetskogo, it upset him?

Roman Kartcev: I do not know how to answer this question. Of course, it helped. But very few people knew about it. It was not advertised. If possible, it all helped. He was not, unfortunately, such as now Kobzon. Or was Kobzon, who helped everyone. Joseph Davidovich has helped us to move to Moscow. Arkadiy was more reserved, but certainly helped.

Denis Manzar: Roman Andreyevich, I have a question. Is it true that you became a Roman Kartsev on the advice of Arcadia Isaakovich?

Roman Kartcev: Not on the advice of, and in order. He said that I have a short name, she quickly remembered, and we have to change. As a joke. Yes, we had. He said that Katz - this is not an artistic family name. It happened.

Alexandra Gerson: Roma, today you talked about concerts. You said what used to be called the Left, now called corporate. There is a difference between the left and corporate?


Roman Kartcev: Big difference. I think now paying much more. I do not know how much he was paid. Gifts and stuff. We were paid 19 rubles with Victor. We played 3-4 in his left thumbnail concert. But you know, live in the same house with Raikin, breakfast, lunch with him - it was the most important thing.

Alexandra Gerson: Tell Roma, Arkadiy was available for people? Fans attacked him, probably, after the speeches? How did he react to it?

Roman Kartcev: This is a very complicated thing. I know for myself. We are with Victor at the time were also popular. But this popularity is not the same as, for example, now Kirkorov and Pugacheva. This is another popular. Other people come. I can go on the subway. Suitable, I wish you health and success. Once all cultural. Arkadiy was fantastically popular. Then there was almost no TV. Still, it knew the whole country. And young and old. It was a huge crowd. It was very hard. After the concert, he went out through the back entrance. It took them. He walked around the city a little, because it would have formed such a crowd. Yes, it was. He was incredibly popular.

Alexandra Gerson: Question of Skype: "Tell me, Roman, if you are friends today with Konstantin Raikin Arkady Isaakovich or with your family?".

Roman Kartcev: Yes. With the Bones, I keep in touch. I performed in his theater. I played a show 4 times a month. He organized paid courses for artists. My granddaughter recently completed them. She had studied. I came to the students, and for two hours they talked. It was nice. Sat young people, and, as you asked about the Pope Raikin and generally about the theater. It was a very interesting evening. I support the communication with Bones. He has a lot of work in his theater. He continued his father. Not in the humor genre, and the genre of theater. It works for wear. Konstantin Raikin - it's just fireworks temperament, talent. What should I say!

Alexandra Gerson: Roman, you just mentioned your granddaughter. Her name is Nick, right?

Roman Kartcev: Yes.

Alexandra Gerson: According to the Internet, she graduated from the New York Film Academy. No?

Roman Kartcev: She graduated from the English College. Now she is back living in Russia. I received two months ago in the Theatre Institute. He walks, learns.

Gerson Alexandra: And your grandson?

Roman Kartcev: A grandson of my best in football. Like my dad, his great-grandfather. He plays football. Very seriously. He is now crippled knee. He was treated for two months, wearing a prosthesis. It is in this, he graduated from high school and will go to college. Football will remain as a hobby.

Denis Manzar: Roman A., and you are sick of football?

Roman Kartcev: None. Who I am not sick, but look. Now we have formed the program "match, match." There's only sports events that I have come to the rescue. We watch TV is not possible or just do not have today. It is very harmful. This is a sport and the fifth program. Yesterday was the opera. Netrebko sang. Terrific singing with her husband. I like some things about the culture. Watching sport. But do not get sick. If only a little sick of the Leningrad team "Zenit". This is my second city. I lived there for 7.5 years. They play well. Once I was rooting for the Kiev "Dynamo". Then I was young. Then, in fact, it was football. Now commerce. Now "Zenith" played 7 foreigners. Or, for example, "Miner" in Donetsk. They play 8 black. As if out of the mine. All this is now turned into commerce.


Alexandra Gerson: Roman, you asked a listener: "You said you do not like to watch the news. But cut off from all that is not possible, while living in the community. How do you deal with it, Roman? ".

Roman Kartcev: By the way, you reminded me. I have to say hello to all your friends in your country. I was there once was a 5 in five cities. I remember with pleasure. I lived there in the houses of the people, citizens of Odessa. Just live. I do not want to go to the hotel. I lived with them, and very grateful to them. He received great pleasure. As for the latest news. Lately, I do not watch them at all. Especially I do not look it. There's nothing interesting. They report that they are interested in. And I'm not interested.

Alexandra Gerson: Roman, tell me, when you were here in Canada, you have lived in Odessa. Tell me, in those Odessans who today live not in Russia, not Ukraine, and somewhere far, they have changed or have remained in them the spirit of Odessa, which was once?

Roman Kartcev: Odessa spirit impossible to eradicate. It's for life. Another thing, if a person becomes rich, he can change. But from Odessa, he still remains. I can tell you little things, if you have time. I love cruises. There used to be cruises Odessa-Batumi. In Moscow, I went on a cruise to Europe, the Mediterranean, the Black Sea. 24 days. Stunning cruises. Spain, England, France, Malta. Anything you want. 24 days sailed. Once we went to Holland. Our ship put in some small town. Probably they thought that the money we have is not so much, and there you have to pay for parking. And we have put in a small port. The team, the passengers went on a trip to watch the capital. I did not go with them. I went to walk in this town. Suddenly I heard a hysterical cry: "Roma!". I turn around. Should my classmate, with whom I studied. I am 10 years studying in Odessa. "Come here!" - He shouted. I said, "Michael, what are you doing here?". We talked with him as Odessans, at a distance. He stood in the doorway of a Chinese restaurant. It has a Chinese restaurant. I asked him why he was there. He was in America. I learned that he owns a restaurant. His Chinese cuisine. So, in short, I went to the restaurant, we sat down and began to remember Odessa, familiar names. Then he called the Chinese and said: "Bring us a herring with potatoes, borsch with donuts, chicken Kiev and a bottle of pepper vodka." That he had Chinese food. I asked him: "What is this Chinese food," He said, "Oh, Roman. It's delicious, and they eat Chinese shit. " He and I spent the whole day. The ship left at 12 at night. He stood on the pier waving to me and wept. Here Odessa in any city. Of course, there are some instances zhlobskie in Odessa. But Odessa - cultural city. They speak quietly. Do not interrupt you. There are some nuances. I'm sometimes telling his audience Odessa sketches. For many years. I always say that Odessans never joke. Do you think that the inhabitants of Odessa in the morning until the evening walk and joke? They never joke. They live. It's their life. They do not seem ridiculous.

Gerson Alexandra: You are now told that once your mom fed Arcadia Isaakovich Jewish food. Your friend Misha fed you Chinese potatoes with herring. And it was the Odessa-Jewish flavor, which, as you said, need to be born. And yet today you said the following sentence: "I do not refuse to be from Odessa." I think it's impossible. Once you said that Odessans are not joking. And in general, everything you say can be divided into aphorisms. You said that they live. Roma Say you long enough to live in Moscow. There your children and grandchildren. In Odessa, you still sometimes come. Question from a listener: "Whether there is on your desktop Moscow gefilte fish?".


Roman Kartcev: Required. My wife and next year, we note 50 years of our life together. When we met her, she was 17 years old. She's Russian. But my mother had taught her to cook national dishes. Now, when we come to visit, they do not talk. They just eat, eat for hours. I tell them that it is necessary at least to make a toast. They eat constantly what makes my wife. I like it. When I go abroad, I go to a Russian restaurant. In Brighton I dine at any restaurant where I'll go, and I do not like it. Because this is Odessa. There is everything what I'm used: meatballs, stuffed fish, mashed potatoes, and so on.

Alexandra Gerson: You even tell tasty. Roma, tell me what to do to keep this spirit, the desire to live as your family lives? There is a chance that in this strange modern society can preserve what is so worthy of carrying Arkadiy, what you are doing today?

Roman Kartcev: This is a difficult question. Now hard times. Terribly busy. How will it all end, I do not know. But I know that we have to work. The only thing that saves - is speaking. Comes public. The day before yesterday we were in Astana. Flew 3.5 hours. They come to know me well, shouting "thank you". That's the main thing. It was important for Raikin. It was a life Devoted viewers. He was lying in the interval. As he worked, he knows one god. You could go crazy! He gave himself. This is what we had learned. And worked all his life in the same way. Because we went out of his overcoat Raikin. I think if Arkadiy saw, he would be pleased with us.

Alexandra Gerson: I mean, Roma, what you really are, this overcoat, which you have just said. And the request of listeners. If you are, of course, you can afford familiarity. Odessa favorite anecdote from Roman Kartseva.

Roman Kartcev: You know, I do not like jokes. And I do not even like to listen to them. Now we have a time when jokes are told in all programs. Any and vulgar as well. The only person who told wonderful stories, was Yury Nikulin. Even if he said very seriously, you're still laughing. This requires a lot of talent. I have written two books. There is a story, "I drive a Chaplin in Odessa." I actually dreamed a dream. And I'm in this story had to tell him at least one anecdote Odessa. Luckily I found one. I'll tell him. There are two women. One says: "Soph, where were you yesterday?". She says: "We were yesterday Grisha." "And what did you do?". "Five hours playing the piano." The second says: "Yes? I also do not like this family. " Here is an anecdote I interjected. Just Chaplin asked me to tell him something funny, when I told him that doing humor. Maybe, God willing, I will come to you. I have published two books. Misha Zhvanetskiy is silent, does not want to listen to. But the public happy. I have a lot of things in Odessa, and so on. I am glad that we joined Arkady Isaakovich. We are happy to talk. Because, in fact, who else? When you come to Odessa, where there were only some 30 friends. Odessa new. Odessa says otherwise. Everything has changed. We stayed septuagenarian, octogenarian, we can say, fifty years, something we support. And so - no. Disappears the humor. It is very sad. Unfortunately. But what to do?

Alexandra Gerson: Roman Andreyevich, we certainly look forward to seeing you in Vancouver. At the end of the interview, if you have a minute, I'd like to discuss it with you. You said somewhere fly away in two days?

Roman Kartcev: Yes. In the Baltic states.

Alexandra Gerson: I will not wish you good performances. It goes without saying. You said that Odessans are not joking, they live. You do not play, you live it. Roman, thank you very much. Unfortunately, these few words were not like five minutes, but I still was not enough time. It is one thing - to hear from you, and another thing - to feel. I'd like to see you at our Vancouver earth. We will work on this. The main thing is that you, dear Roman Kartcev not change your mind. Thank you so much.

Manzar Denis: Thank you.

Roman Kartcev: Goodbye. Thank you.

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