radio_vera.jpgRadio VERA, the only daily program in Russian and English Languages in Western Canada, was born on January 9th, 2008. 
Her creation had been made possible thanks to initiative of Mr. Dmitri Shiglik, vice-president of World Forum of Russian Speaking Jewry. 

Radio VERA broadcasts every morning, Monday through Friday, in Vancouver on 96.1FM between 8 and 10am 

Our tens of thousands of listeners are people for whom Russian Language remains a language of international communication. Among them are citizens and permanent residents of Canada and newcomers from former Soviet Union, Israel, etc. 
In every program of Radio VERA one can hear international and local news, up to date reports about economy,politics, sports mixed with music and curious facts. 

Our listeners have an opportunity to communicate with famous artists,sports figures, politicians and people from all walks of life. We air an endless variety of musical programs, interactive competitions, quizzes and pleasant surprises. 

Radio VERA is a team of solid professionals! 
We are inviting ideas from sponsors and advertisers. 
Only Radio VERA is ready to offer you a unique conditions for all advertising needs. 


Phone studio +1(604)295-9616

Radio Vera